Monday, 1 August 2016

BEST Hair Transplant by Dr Viral Desai in Mumbai

Hair Transplant Mumbai – Dr Viral Desai

About hair transplant
      Hair loss can be a menacing problem now days. Especially, for the women and younger people. There are many options for this treatment (surgery- wigs).But the most definitive treatment is Hair transplantation. There are numerous myths that dwell our desires, but once you burst those myths, you'll see the natural effective results.

Causes Hair Loss???

According to medical experts, Normal hair loss experienced by people of age 50.Generally hair loss occurs in over 70%of men and 20% of women. But now age doesn’t matter. As per the study conducted by the ISHRS (international society of hair restoration surgery) a global nonprofit medical association and authority, Hair loss has several effects on a mental status of a person. The most common effect is lack of confidence and self respect.....Hair plays a special role in appearance of both men and women. It is normal to lose up to strands a day. But when it becomes access we'll know it as hair loss (which leads to mental disorders also).
Common causes of Hair loss
Hair loss is due to factors like Hereditary, stress, nutritional factors, medical conditions, life style changes and ageing.

Treatment For Hair Loss
There are many treatments from medicines to laser treatment. However, once the root of the hair dead none of their treatment can make the hair grow. Again the only effective treatment at that stage is hair transplantation. This makes you to achieve desired and natural result that will last long.
Treatments like FUT, FUE are not that much effective when compared to DHI they leave scars and other side effects. DHI is the most effective treatment among all.

Hair Transplant Clinic

Today many transplant clinics are available in market pretending that they are the best hair transplant clinics, and offer best hair transplant treatment results. If we are considering Hair treatment be sure to research the physician you are visiting and ask for the result of previous patients and talk to them, and also check the credentials of the consulting doctor.

Hair Transplant Clinic
Dr VIRAL Desai best Hair transplant surgeon in Mumbai. He is famous for doing hair transplant for Indian celebrities. Hair transplantation is a type of art. Dr. Viral desai's direct hair plant treatment can give its customers a complete natural look without any side effects.A consultation with Dr.viral desai can help you understand about the Hair transplantation technique. His clinic is considered as the best hair restoration clinic in Mumbai. CPLSS offers medical tourism for hair transplant across the world.
Hair transplantation Cost
It is based on several factors like size of recipient zone, technique, and number of sitting arrangements etc...It is a myth that hair transplantation is un affordable by common person. Dr. viral desai's transplant clinic treats its customer at reasonable prices with natural results.
Contact CPLSS today FOR queries regarding Hair transplantation technique. Have a great experience. Have a nice day.

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